Sleepless Nights I Never Knew I Wanted

Arya had a 3 day fever which turned into a bad cough and cold. My nights have been close to sleepless. Lately, I can’t make it through the day without 2 cups of coffee.

I was once anxious about these moments, but now I know I will take on as many sleepless nights as it takes to help my baby.

I Can’t Give Up My Sleep

I loved my sleep. My typical bedtime prior to motherhood was 8pm. You wouldn’t catch me not getting my 8 hours. Some called me a grandma, but I knew my priorities.

Friends told me about their baby’s sleep routines; or should I say, lack there of. I was in absolute shock of how parents functioned on the lack of sleep. “You just do it.” They told me.

Losing sleep was one of my biggest worries when I found out I was going to be a mom. If I woke up in the middle of the night, I turned into a witch. I was so mean or emotional and I couldn’t help it. I was so scared I was going to be mean when Arya woke me up.

When comparing myself to life before Arya, I’m realizing I am actually kicking ass at some of the things I was so nervous about.

You Just Do It

When you become a parent you literally just adapt. I was never mean or mad at Arya for waking me up. When my baby needs me, my mom instincts kick in. If I get impatient, it is only with myself because I am trying to figure out what she needs. As a parent you do whatever you have to for this beautiful little person you created.

Over time most babies get into a good sleep routine. Ryan and I woke up in a panic the first time Arya slept 5 hours straight. Then she kept sleeping longer and longer. When Ryan was deployed, Arya and I co-slept which made feedings and diaper changes easier and quicker.

Some nights are easier than others. But these sleepless nights are worth every second. I am comforting, providing, and making sure she feels safe and loved. When the night seems dark and scary I will always be there for her. I would give up every good night of sleep for her and so I’m told, I probably will!

Sleepless Nights With Your Spouse

Some nights I had to do by myself and I’ve grown because of it. Luckily the nights I haven’t, I have the best partner. We both get up and tag team. He changes diapers, I feed, we all sleep. We both get up and get Arya medicine. He will rub her back or head while I nurse her back to sleep. Then we all sleep. Nothing feels better than parenting together and as a team. Especially at night when everyone is tired.

Some days I will take Arya in the morning to let Ryan sleep longer. Other days he will do that for me. On the days I get an extra 2 hours in the morning I wake up feeling so thankful. Thankful for my amazing husband and thankful for my beautiful family.

I may never sleep as well as I did before having Arya and probably won’t for years to come. But I love being her mom and I wouldn’t trade it for all the sleep in the world.

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