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Don’t Forget Your Fur Babies

Before Arya, it was them. We’ve had our fair share of challenges with our fur babies since Arya was born. But we have also had special, fun, and precious moments. The dynamic has definitely changed. If you ask me if the change was for the better or worse? I would say that depends on the day.

I feel like I don’t go a day without yelling at my dogs now. What once was cute or endearing now annoys me like no other. “Stop barking” and “Go lay down” are common phrases in our house. I used to have more time for my dogs, but they have now found themselves at the bottom of the totem pole. Yet most nights after Arya is asleep, I find my fur babies still snuggled close to me. They still love me despite my lack of time and patience.

Before Arya

Before Arya my dogs were beyond spoiled. Kneesaa ate chicken and rice from Chipotle. Ace would get a puppaccino from Starbucks every Sunday after his rally class. I would skip going out because I worried my dogs were lonely without me. Our dogs even came with us to Las Vegas because I knew I would miss them too much. I may go a little overboard when it comes to those I love. Especially my dogs.

2 Dogs and a Baby

Taking care of a baby and 2 dogs while Ryan was deployed was not easy. But my fur babies found ways for me to still give them attention. Although it wasn’t always positive.

Ace and Kneesaa started running away and rolling in anything that would get them a bath. At one point I was bathing them twice a day. We did what we could to prevent it, but nothing seemed to work. Plus I was so exhausted with the new baby. My dogs were on the back burner

The baths were annoying, but I looked at it as my one on one time with them. It could be worse and they were good with Arya. We would still snuggle together and at bed time the four of us were a pack in bed.

Growing Up with Dogs

As Arya has gotten older things have gotten a little easier. I am so proud of how well my fur babies do with her. Ace and Kneesaa accepted her into the pack like she was always there. They kiss her and play with her even when she tries to pull their fur. Ace has overcome so many fears because of Arya and she loves feeding him from her high chair. Arya puts her head on Kneesaa and they snuggle together. They all love each other.

I love watching my daughter grow up with dogs. A bond has already formed between them and I know it will only grow stronger. Some days I feel like 2 dogs and a baby is too much, but deep down I know it’s worth it.

We are a family. And these 3 are my babies.

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