Let Go and Let God

This has been my motto the last week. Do you ever feel like you are trying so hard to control every aspect of your life? Between my career and my personal life, it can be exhausting trying be in control at all times.  It is like the harder I try, the more I am reminded I cannot do this myself. And in these moments I have to remember to let go and let God. And after talking with my mom, I learned I am not the only one who needed this reminder.

I talk to my mom every week about life. My mom and I are very similar in certain ways. We are hard working, big achievers, and mostly we are planners. Hardcore planners. To the point where we get so wrapped up in the plan that we can forget to enjoy the journey.

If there is a piece missing to the future we are trying to create, we obsess over it. We lose sleep worrying about not having every detail figure out, which can cost us.

My Mom’s Story

My mom is days away from one of her biggest dreams coming true. She is moving to Florida with my step dad. She has had this dream for over 10 years and it is finally happening. Not that she isn’t stressed about some of the unknowns. The biggest one being not having a job lined up. It has been a topic of conversation almost every time we talk on the phone. And every time I tell her, it will all work out. But I know because it is the missing piece to her big plan, it weighs heavy on her.

My sisters and I were not expecting the long text we received from my mom. She explained that the greatest thing just happened to her. She was sitting in the park on a bench enjoying the sunshine when these two strangers came up to her. They said they felt the need to pray for her.

Although my mom is feeling really good about life right now (with the big move coming up quick), she agreed to let them pray for her. They both prayed for her to have safe journey on the big move.

Then one of them says, “I see God opening an unexpected door for you. You are obviously a strong sales person, but in your next career, many are going to listen to you. I see you influencing strong men. It will be unexpected, but it is where you are meant to be.”

Cue the goosebumps. My mom NEVER said anything about her job or not having a job lined up in Florida or anything like that. She didn’t mention anything to them other then she was moving. “I know that’s THE BIG GUY letting me know, every thing is gonna be okay,” she told us. It was exactly what she needed to hear.

It was something I needed to be reminded of myself. No matter what happens in life, every thing is going to be ok and I need to trust God.

The Unknown

With my so much focus on growth these days, I have been put in situations beyond my expertise and control. And it has been scary. Not having all the answers is uncomfortable for me and causing me to question myself. Am I doing the right thing? Is everything I’ve been working on is going to blow up in my face? These thoughts have been costing me the joy I should be feeling for the big accomplishments I’ve achieved.

If I am looking for growth and I want the most out of life, I need to accept that I will not always have the answer. But I have to trust the process. I have taken huge steps in my personal and professional journey and I should be celebrating and shouting from the rooftops, but instead I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The unknown might be scary, but I have to be brave and I trust that God will guide me.

Let Go and Let God

Trying to be in control of everything will leave you feeling powerless. Because even though it is our life, God is ultimately the one in control. Things happen in His time not ours. So stop worrying and instead have a little faith and enjoy the ride. When has it really ever not worked out? I know this is easier said than done; but hey, we are all just a work in progress.

Getting caught up in the missing pieces of the big plan will cause you to miss some of the most beautiful and exciting parts of the journey. Embrace the unknown and trust God. He will not let you down. His plan for you is greater than the one you plan for yourself. I believe this with my whole heart. So it is time to let go and let God.

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