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I recently took an enneagram personality test and the results blew my mind. I have never felt anything so spot on. According to the results, I am a (2) helper and I am an (3) achiever. It is important to take the results of personality tests with a grain of salt, but my results just felt like they were speaking directly to me. I do not think 2 categories could align more with who I am and what I strive for in my personal life and career.

My ultimate goal in life is to help others. When I help others, I feel valuable and like I am achieving something meaningful.

Being a Helper

According to the enneagram results, I am excellent at creating warm, personable relationships with many kinds of people. Much of my attention goes to supporting and nurturing others. I am genuinely helpful in situations and have an altruistic outlook on life. Saying no is a challenge and my value feels based upon people liking me. There is a lot more info as the type 2 is broken down into three subtypes, but you get the idea.

I have a big heart with genuine intentions. I thrive when I know I can help other people. It started when I became a big sister and I was praised for being such a great helper. I loved that feeling and it came naturally to me. I believe in being kind, compassionate and caring to others. I am incredibly empathetic and if someone is in need, I have a strong desire to help. This has played heavily into my career. I have strong customer service skills and love being the go-to person if someone needs advice or help. Que my love for being in human resources!

Like any “type” you fall into, there are characteristics to be weary of. My biggest challenge for being a giver is the lack of self-care, in fear of being selfish. I had to have the biggest self-care re-evaluation after becoming a mom. To be the best mom, I needed to take care of myself, which I learned the hard way.

I didn’t feel helpful to others because I was so busy taking care of Arya. And since I couldn’t help others, I did not feel like I had value. This resulted in feeling like I did not deserve for anyone to help me while I struggled. I had hit rock bottom in my perspective of being a helper

I was not taking care of myself and needed to be reminded of a few things, but this specific phrase touched me to my core.

I am loved and wanted for just being me. No strings attached and no need to prove myself. I am enough just as I am.

Being an Achiever

According to the Enneagram test results, my type 3 is referred to as the performer or achiever. I take initiative, work hard, and reach my goals. I put most of my energy into my work and getting things done. I am encouraging and motivating to others and myself. The focus on my image and achieving results can get in the way of personal needs and health.

After reading the results, all I can think of is “Hi, my name is Kaci and I am a workaholic.” It is hard for me to stop a project once I have started. At work, I set the bar very high for myself and what I believe I need to be accomplishing. I am ALWAYS goals, goals, goals when it comes to my career. As soon as I get an idea in my head, I am full speed ahead.

I have the constant need to be doing something. I feel guilty if I spend too much time sitting or “doing nothing”. There is always something I should or could be doing and there are already not enough hours in a day. When I don’t perform well or reach my goals, I take it personally, like I am not enough. I will work myself into the ground if I am not too careful. Like the helper side of me, as an achiever my self-worth is in the “doing” instead of just “being”.

Some days I need to be reminded, I am loved and wanted for just being me.

Using This Test as a Learning Tool

I loved taking this test! The questions really made me think and the results reflected my true self so accurately. The purpose of the Enneagram is self-understanding and growing beyond the self-defeating dimensions of our personality, as well as improving relationships and growing in compassion for others.

I am not going to change who I am. I love that I am a helper and an achiever. Learning self-love, self-acceptance, and being confident in who I am has been a process that I am proud of. But what I will do is try to be aware of when I need a break. When I need some self-care or am on the road to burn-out, I will have the self-awareness to know the signs. I love learning and growing, and this test helps do just that.

Having others take the test and share results helps me understand them as well. I love learning what makes others tick and how I can better help them. The better we understand each other the better life we can live. Although some might say that is just my type 2 talking 😘

What is Your Type?

The Enneagram has a total of 9 types. I spent a whole day just finding out what other people’s types were and asking them if they thought it fit them. This is an amazing tool to use in your everyday life for yourself and your relationships. If you haven’t, I recommend taking this test and learning more about yourself. There is a true empowerment to self-awareness and personal development.

Now tell me, what does your enneagram number mean to you?

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  1. Kaci,
    You are so amazing!! I wish I would have been so insightful and aware in my young life; such as you! It has literally taken me a lifetime to learn what you already know as a young wife and mother!!

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