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My name is Kaci Elisabeth Wieczorek and I am the author of myKEW.

I am a mom, a military wife, and an HR professional.

Prior to becoming a mom, I thought I had it all figured out. Even though I wasn’t a mom yet, I thought I knew what I was in for. It turns out, motherhood is something you cannot completely prepare for until you are in it. It is the best and hardest thing in this world. Becoming a mom took away every ambition I ever had. My purpose became keeping this tiny human alive. Now as my baby grows, so am I. I am learning my purpose while striving to be the best wife to my husband and best mom to my daughter.

Now I am ready to share my struggles, passions, and experiences with the hope of helping others. I want to help those who have felt lost, who need a word of encouragement, or who have the desire for more.

As a Society of HR Management Certified Professional with a bachelors degree in HR, I want to help you get your dream job. I have the background and education to help you stand out. Together we will build your confidence to land the career of your dreams, on your terms. Because being a working mom is hard enough,  I want to help make it easier.

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